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What sets Greenways Turf grass apart from the rest is our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality in both our products and installation services. We take immense pride in sourcing and cultivating the finest turfgrass varieties, ensuring that each blade is healthy, vibrant, and able to thrive in a range of environments. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the product level; it extends to our installation process as well. Our experienced team of professionals employs meticulous techniques to ensure that every roll of turf is seamlessly installed, resulting in a lush and resilient lawn. 

We understand that a beautiful and enduring lawn is a long-term investment, and that’s why we spare no effort in delivering the highest quality at every step, from our turfgrass cultivation to the moment it graces your landscape. With Greenways Turf grass, you’re not just getting grass; you’re investing in enduring quality and beauty.

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Front Yard Landscaping

Make a good first impression whenever visitors and passersby go past your home. A well-designed front yard not only enhances your property’s curb appeal but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your neighborhood. It can create a welcoming atmosphere, increase property value, and even provide functional benefits like improved drainage and energy efficiency. Investing in front yard landscaping is an investment in your home’s appearance, functionality, and value.

El Paso Turf

In a place like El Paso, where the climate can be harsh, having the right turf is essential for maintaining a beautiful and sustainable lawn. El Paso turf is specifically selected and cultivated to thrive in the local climate conditions, making it more drought-tolerant and resilient to the region’s unique challenges. Choosing El Paso turf ensures that your lawn remains lush and green while conserving water, reducing maintenance, and withstanding the area’s hot and arid weather.


Our gardener plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces. From planting and nurturing vibrant flowers to trimming and shaping shrubs and trees, a skilled gardener can transform your garden into a breathtaking oasis. Our expertise ensures proper care, pest management, and seasonal adjustments, all of which contribute to a thriving and attractive garden. Hiring our gardener not only saves you time but also guarantees that your outdoor spaces are in the hands of someone with the knowledge and passion to make them flourish.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance, green lawn all year round. It’s perfect for areas with extreme weather conditions, limited water resources, or high foot traffic. Artificial grass requires minimal upkeep, stays lush without watering or mowing, and provides an evergreen appearance. Additionally, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass, reducing water consumption and the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Installing artificial grass not only saves you time and money but also contributes to a sustainable and visually appealing landscape